Do I need an Internet connection to register my Robonii with the Command Center Software?

No, Your Robonii can be registered to the Command Center software using only the USB cable provided.

Do I need a computer or Internet connection to start playing games with my Robonii?

No, you can start playing games without connecting the Robonii to a PC. The computer software is handy to understand the game layout, rules and scoring system.

My Robonii is driving slow and sluggish, much slower than it did before. What is wrong?

Do you still have Virtual-Energy? Your robot can only laser other robots and drive fast as long as it has sufficient ‘Virtual-Energy’. You can recharge your robot by parking over the Energy Tower. Your Virtual Energy Level is indicated on your Remote Control.

How do I activate Turbo-Mode on my Robonii?

Double tap both forward buttons and see how your Robonii turbo-charges those engines!

Is it possible to turn down the volume of my Robonii?

Yes, the volume setting can be adjusted from the Command Center Software.

The box indicates that I can play 5 games, as well as play games I designed myself. Why can I only find 3 games on my Robonii?

Your Robonii can hold 3 games at any given time. Any 3 of the 5 games can be selected and downloaded to your Robonii using the Command Center Software. Games designed by yourself can be loaded onto your Robonii as instructed in the SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be downloaded from this website.  

How do I know which face card to use for which game, or how to score or beat my opponent?

Your Command Center Software has a detailed game section with step by step animated instructions of how to lay out the playing field; what all the objects do; which face card to use as well as how to score. Everything you need to enjoy your Robonii experience is described in the Command Center Software.

How do I know the battery level of my Robonii-Robot and Remote Control?

The battery levels of your Robot and Remote Control is indicated on the Remote Control during drive mode. Insert the drive mode face card into the Remote Control to find the meaning for each symbol. The middle light of the activity lights on the Robot will blink if the Robot’s batteries need to be charged, while the Remote Control will give error code ‘E1’.

How do I know the battery level of my Robonii Base Station?

The Base Station will indicate its battery level as soon as power is turned on. A green light for the first 5 seconds means the batteries are fine. Orange means the batteries are getting low and Red indicates that they need to be replaced soon.

How many batteries does my Robonii starter pack need?

The Base stations uses 2x AA batteries, the remote uses 4x AA batteries and the robot 6xAA batteries. It is a good idea to use rechargeable batteries for the robot as those powerful engines are hungry. The remote and base station will run for weeks using the cheapest batteries you can find, provided you remember to switch them off while they are not part of an exciting game. . .

My remote shows an error code “E1”. What does it mean?

Oops, your Remote Control’s batteries are totally flat…

My Robonii doesn’t want to enter a game with other robots. It returns to “Drive Mode” as soon as I join a game…

It might be that the Robonii robots are programmed with different firmware versions. Connect all the Robonii’s to the same Command Center Software and download the same firmware onto all robots.

Why do some videos on YouTube show a different way for my Robonii to join a multiplayer game?

Joining a multiplayer game using the firmware from the latest Command Center Software will make it easier to join a multiplayer game than using version 1.3 as some of the steps have been automated.

How do I join a multiplayer game using the latest Software version?

Firstly a game needs to be started by a Host (refer to video). To join the game will differ depending on the software version you are using.

Version 1.7 (Latest). If you are using version 1.3 do the following:

  • Make sure all the robots are next to their Base Stations as indicated in the video.
  • Press both trigger buttons to enter Game Mode.
  • You will automatically join the game, so wait in anticipation until the host start the game!

I have updated my Command Center Software with the latest version available from this site, but how do I update my Robonii’s firmware?

The latest Command Center will verify your Robot’s firmware as soon as it is connected and ask you if you want to update it. Click ‘yes’ and wait for your Robonii software upgrade to be completed.

I accidentally took my friends remote, so I can’t control my Robot any more. Is there a way to link my robot with this ‘new’ remote?

There sure is. Press both bumpers on the robot while switching it on to force the Robot in to “Link Mode”. Hold down the Remote’s left-trigger button and left-down button while switching on the Remote Control. The Remote Control will enter ‘Link Mode’. Your Robonii will recognize its master and enjoy playing with you as before.

I have played a game and now the base station doesn’t want to respond as before…

Sometimes your Robonii is too far from your Base Station to tell him that the game has ended. Switch the power of an on and your Base Station will be as good as new!

I see that it is possible to write your own games. How does that work?

A Game Writer Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided which describes the system and how it works. A Sample Game is also provided for a single and multiplayer game to help you get started. Follow the steps indicated in the SDK to download your game to the Robonii and see how it reacts in real life.

How do I register on to the online world, and it is necessary to play the games?

Registering to the online world is not required to play games or to program your Robonii.  The online World is unfortunately not available in South Africa, hence the 50% discount to the original price.

How do I join a multiplayer game using different Software versions?

Firstly a game needs to be started by a Host (refer to video). To join the game will differ depending on the software version you are using.

Version 1.7 (Latest). If you are using version 1.3 do the following:

  • Press both trigger buttons to enter Game mode
  • Wait in anticipation until the host start the game!

Version 1.3. If you are using version 1.3 do the following:

  • Press both trigger buttons to enter Game mode
  • Select a single or multiplayer game (You want to join a multiplayer game so select 2)
  • Select the game you would like to join
  • Select ‘Join’ to indicate that you want to join the existing host.
  • Select the team you want to be part of (Team 1 is with the Host, and team 2 is the enemy!)
  • Wait in anticipation until the host start the game!

I see that the Robonii Project source code is available to be downloaded from this site. What is included?

This download package includes all the firmware code for the Robonii, Remote Control, Base Station and IR pod that plugs into your Robonii. All the code has been written in C using free tools available that can be downloaded from this website. Everything needed to compile the Robonii firmware is provided. This compiled firmware can be downloaded to the Robot via USB cable, by using the method described in the Game Writer SDK. The Game Writer SDK gives a good overview of the how the Robonii system functions and interacts with neighboring devices.

Can the Robonii Robot only be used to play games, or can I use the Robot and Remote Control hardware to do my own thing?

You can write your own firmware for the Robot as it uses the ATXmega available from ATMEL. Some people have used the complete robot kit for research; others only used the PCB to remotely control 4xrelays. The Robot can be programmed via USB, or by using the PDI interface. The Remote control, IR-Pod and Base Station can be programmed via a programmer.

What type of technology is used in the Robonii Project?

Your Robonii is a high tech robot that uses ATMELS Zigbee chip and library set, together with the AT-XMega to setup a complex network between all Robots and remotes for communication. The IR receivers in front of the Robot try to detect obstacles while the RFID receiver embedded in the base of the Robot detects RFID objects located on the floor. The IR-Pod on top of the robot uses IR and a complex time synchronization method to detect, determine direction and range to other robots and Base Stations. This interface is also used to send and receive commands to and from base stations. An H-Bridge is used to control the two DC motors and an audio amplifier connected to the Robots DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) is used to generate sounds.