Roboni-I Action Games

Targeted at ages 8+, offers unparalleled entertainment and a unique and challenging play experience that will get kids hooked and that will keep them entertained right through to adulthood.

Interactive Robotic Entertainment
Watch Roboni-I wandering around on his own, constantly adapting his behavior to suit his moods. See him exploring his environment. Or use the sophisticated Command Centre software to change or program every facet of his behavior ā€“ from the way his moods influence his behavior to his reaction to stimuli in his environment and the way he interacts with other robots.

Challenging Robotic Action Games
Roboni-I involves much more than a mere robot with personality! Roboni-iā€™s unique blend of processing power and sensors allow him to participate in structured gameplay. Position the game accessories to form a playing field, use the gaming controller to select a game, and enter a new dimension of interactive, real-world robotic gameplay. Beat the odds, race against time, manage resources, neutralize threats, execute special effects and collect bonus to improve your score. Challenging, interactive, stimulating, open-ended; what more can you ask?

An Intelligent Robotic Vehicle
Roboni-I is a sophisticated robot with a powerful processor and 16 sensors that enable him to avoid obstacles, navigate autonomously, modify his behavior and participate in interactive gaming.

Write your own games using a Game Writer.  The Robonii SDK (Software Development Kit) gives a detail overview of this amazing virtual world and all the nice features and interfaces at your disposal. This can be downloaded from the ā€œDevelopers pageā€.

  • An update to the Command Center software with cool new features can be downloaded from the Software Downloads page.
  • Hobbyists/enthusiasts can download the schematics, development tools and the complete source code for the Robonii project. This is 3 years of development made available for free!!
  • Requires 12 AA batteries

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