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Program with Arduino


Roboni-i: The world of Fun Interactive Programmable Robotics!

Your Robot has 6 Levels of Learning!

  • As simple or complex as you want it to be! Offering loads of fun AND programming!
  • Level 1: Play single player games, or go to your friend and challenge him in a gripping multi-player game.
  • Level 2: Program your robot using a easy Drag & Drop menu in the Command Center Software.
  • Level 3: Program your robot using MiniBloq: Drag & Drop programming that generates the C code for your robot!
  • Level 4: Program your robot using Arduino: Edit the examples or write your own C code, and see how the robot responds!
  • Level 5: Design your own games using the Game editor: See how to on the “Advanced features” page.
  • Level 6: Now design your own electronic units to become part of the Roboni-i Robot.

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Single player Games:

  • CodeBreaker – Decode and unlock the security codes of the Base Station to help stop a nuclear meltdown!!!
  • MaxOut - Keep the power generators powered to ensure the lasers can shoot all the asteroids headed for your base station!!
  • The Colours game – This entry level game will help you to improveyour robotic and aiming skills by playing against your Base Station, completing different tasks in different levels of the game.


Multiplayer Games: (can be played by 2 or 4 robots)

  • Space pods – Play the space version of capture the flag. Just know, in addition to being lazered, your opponent can booby-trap you to steal the ball, so be on your guard and strategize!!
  • Conquest – Play a game of cat and mouse to disable your opponents power generators. But be on the lookout as there will be guards and remember, they will try the same thing…

Roboni-i Product Demo

6 Months Exchange warranty if returned undamaged in original packaging with proof of purchase. Shipping cost to be paid by the buyer. Online world and batteries not included.